MAR is an international workshop program for creation and research situated on the ground floor of a classified house (XV c.) in Bergerac (FR).


Annual program periods: April to October.

VISUAL ARTS: drawing, painting, photography, architecture/design, film editing, textile art, sound art AND ALSO writing or any kind of LITERATURE (poetry, screenplay, spoken words performance…).

Photos ©2021 Limonadeart

In order to complete your application form, please send us an additional email to with PDF document included:

  • Artist CV
  • Short project description (max 400 words)
  • 4 examples of your artwork

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  • Artist-in-residence: ANNA GUNNARSDÓTTIR (IS))

Anna Gunnarsdóttir is a Textile artist from Iceland. 
Her work is about Icelandic Graffiti in Nature, using Icelandic lamb wool and embroidery. The frame is decorated with coiling work using cotton thread around electric wires. The shadows are a part of graffiti as well.

At Monade she will work on a new piece to exhibit in Iceland, it is based on the History of our region « Le Périgord ».

  • Artist-in-residence: SANNEKE GRIEPINK (NL)

Sanneke Griepink is an artist living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

« As an artist I feel responsible in how I perceive the world around me, as I am a hatch to other people. Surroundings play a major part, and the influence of the city where I live and work . Living in the city that has everything to offer, I felt the need to observe and work in nature. The city provides an organised structure. At the same time, being in nature and the pristine surroundings of European landscapes, I wondered how I could depict the ultime needs I feel and where I could find them. I am inspired by artists where the mystic is an internal part of the art, like Peter Doig, Per Adolfsen, Georgia O’Keeffe and Richard Long. The landscape, but not only its ecological sense, has carried us for a long time, in a historic sense and carries all scars from us as its inhabitants. I want to make the history of places visible, the lives of the people who live on it, but also the earth itself, restoring from damage, recovering in cycles, striking back in an unforgiving way.

I like to search for the point where this historical sense, the absolute and the infinitive, comes together, in one image. Sometimes found in light; a temporary visitor who can change and makes us see things clearly. Or sometimes in the eternal cyclic process; growth, duration and destruction.

I like to create half abstract, but still recognisable images that give a glimpse from beyond daily life. I like to catch the old and ancient and the new and bright in one. I like to combine techniques, as I tend to do in assemblages, temporary installments with parts of drawings and paintings and parts of nature. I would like to draw and paint in nature itself. Color is important for me, as a carrier as an instrument that transports emotions. Structures, erosion, a sense of temporality and emergency is evident in my drawings and paintings.

Trees embody the region, the soil in which they take root.
They are the vertical elements in a landscape, which also has horizontal and sloping lines. The connection between earth and air, heaven or universe.
Trees are quiet, but give us humans a warm green leafed environment and purify the air we breathe. They hold the earth together with their roots.
Here in Bergerac I found a city emerged in natural beauty and human history and architecture.

In the Dordogne I saw how trees fight their parasites and sometimes endure it and can live together.
The mistletoe, the ball tree as I first called it, which looks very happy with the round large nests, can sometimes kill a bush. Yet trees can live on as a home for their parasites. They are strong.

They symbolize the love of life, the lifestream. In this time of early spring I have seen nature and its trees come to life, or blossom literally, after a long monotonous winter. Life returns with the young greenery, the flowers and the rustling of wind in leaves, or as a home for countless singing birds. They restore hope. Hope to return to nature and our origins, to peace, quiet and breathing. »
Sanneke Griepink 2022

  • Artist-in-residence: ÁGÚSTA BJÖRNSDÓTTIR (IS)

In her work she plays with the dark element of life and mysticism, the eerie and the tragic, despite this fact the humour and a sense of lightness can be found. It is the very thin line between evil, innocence and humour that ties her work together.

« At Monade I want to create something for other people to experience. I have been drawing the creatures I met for some time now, and I want to keep on doing that, but I also want to tell the story through an exhibition whose the outcome could be a book. »

Ágústa Björnsdóttir / Reykjavík, Iceland.
She graduated from the foundation course in visual arts from The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts in 2015 and graduated from Iceland University of the Arts in 2018 with an exchange semester in Tallin, Estonia. After graduating she moved to Berlin to work on her art along with working for Verein Berliner Künstler Gallery.

Today she lives and works in Reykjavík and has been a member of the art-collective Myrkraverk since the start of 2020.

Her work is created in the form of drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, performance, sound and words.

She is driven by the idea of the unknown and get her inspiration from the nature, dreams, folk stories and hidden things. In her practice she tries to understand the gap between dreams and reality and the difference between shadow and light, and how it connects.

  • Artist-in-residence: ISABEL ALVARELLOS (ARG)

Isabel Alvarellos (Córdoba, Argentina) Multidisciplinary artist.

At Monade she will work on her novel, her theme is the family.

Parlant couramment Français, elle écrit: « Comme l’a dit Pier Paolo Pasolini ‘Le drame, c’est qu’il n’y a plus d’êtres humains, il y a des machines étranges qui s’entrechoquent’. Mon travail est de trouver les mots pour décrire cette coalition. Même si on sait que pour quelques questions il n’y a pas de réponses, il faut les inventer. Je veux les inventer. Après tout, si je n’avais pas créé mon monde, je serais morte dans l’autre. »

Above all actress, director, writer, performer. Graduated from the Acting Specialization of the Jolie Libois Theater Seminar Teatro Real Córdoba, Argentina. Translator from the National University of Córdoba. Master of Arts and Artistic Professions from the Carlos III University and the Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain. (…)

  • Artist-in-residence: BERGLIND ERNA TRYGGVADÓTTIR (IS)

Berglind Erna Tryggvadóttir (Reykjavík) Multidisciplinary artist.

« During my time at Monade residency I would like to work on an interdiciplinary writing/visual arts script. In my artistic practice I have worked continuously with human interaction, communication and language throughout the years. I have always had a great interest in learning new languages and trying to get by with what I know in new territories, French being the language I am focusing on mastering (with fair results), in my own way, at the moment. I spent a couple of months in a residency in Clermont-Ferrand earlier in 2022. There I inhaled and ingested vocal language and foreign physical gestures and language alongside working on a more visual presentation of my general research subjects; the relationships between people and objects, emotional connections and value of material objects.(…) »

  • Artist-in-residence: ANNA MARIA SZLACHTA (PL)

Anna Maria Szlachta (Zürich), Polish designer, researcher and artist focused on visual communication in science.

During her stay she’s working on:
Revealing the invisible ― Bergerac spirit discover in visual language

« In the first phase of the project I would like to focus on exploring the place ― Bergerac, documenting it through photographs, notes and handwritten sketches. Collected materials I reflect into patterns, compositions and geometries, which is my starting point for further visual experiments (manual and digital). My goal is to tell the story about place and translate its spirit in a visual way. Everything can be inspiring ― the diversity of insights brings surprising results in creating abstract compositions. As a result of my residency I would like to present a series of digital and printed collages as an exhibition ».

Media: photography, hand-drawing, painting, digital.