Trailer / Art video / b&w/color, 6 min. HDV. 2021
Art video by Monade Li. Experimental. Self-produced / auto-produit.


Un instant visuel qui vise à croiser la duplication de l’esprit et une Tristesse humaine personnifiée. Deirdre déambule sur un lit de pierres. Coincée dans son esprit. Ne lève jamais les yeux là-haut. Ses mains parlent.

A very short space of images that aims to cross the mind duplication and a personified human Sadness. Deirdre meanders on a bed of stones. Stuck in her mind. Never looks up there. Hands are talking.

« With these 3 ‘cineplastic’ experiences, I worked on the spatio-corporal resonance. The body is stretched (like a vibrating string) in an endlessly undulating linear landscape, in an invading sea of sand and cries, then finally in a burial of fire stones. With Candice (I), The Selkie (II) and Deirdre (III), I tried to shed light on 3 female metamorphoses (in reference to the 3 muses) revealing the lights of our human condition which I decline in 3 tones: white (ice – fear), black (earth – death) and red (fire – regret) »
Monade Li, January 2023.