Premiere in Akureyri (Iceland) on October 26th-27th 2019 at Deiglan Gallery. CANDICE ALMALIZA SELKIE “Only the cold air can wake me” / „Aðeins kalda loftið getur vakið mig”

FNC 49 MONTREAL: https://online.nouveaucinema.ca/film/the-selkie/ In competition at Festival du Nouveau Cinéma of Montreal from 7 to 31 OCT 2020 // En compétition internationale des courts-métrages LES NOUVEAUX ALCHIMISTES au Festival du nouveau cinéma 49e édition à Montréal.

THE SELKIE (8 min, b&w/color, HD 1080p) /

Duplication leads to disappearance.

« Black sand all around. The Selkie vowed to drown as many hearts from the island and spy. Creature in the sea. Arm over arm, swaying!

Du sable noir tout autour. La Selkie a juré de noyer autant de cœurs sur l’île et surveille. Créature en mer. Bras superposés, se balançant! »

Selkies (or Sylkies) are mythological beings capable of therianthropy, changing from seal to human form by shedding their skin. Faroese folklore tells of a vengeful Selkie who vowed to drown as many men from Kalsoy that people could link the arms around the whole island.

My Selkie is an interpretation of the seal wife crawling on the seashore and her struggle to reach the sea… with anger. In her head:


He says:  » She crawls to make him disappear. She makes a wish she will forget, saying: « Seals in the sea. Arm over arm, swaying! » She used to shed her seal skin into darkened pebbles. Crowded. Black sand all around. Suffocating. She’s coming back. She breathes in one time and turns to stone again. Black pebbles rolling then. « Seals in the sea. Arm over arm, swaying! » Stormy heads and hearts are coming. She grabs him from the stone. She makes a wish she will throw him into the deep sea. Cross my heart and hope to die. She had vowed to drown as many hearts from the island and spy. See!  »

Text by Monade Li (2018)

Director, editor: Monade Li

Camera: Monade Li & Snorri Þór

Original score: Scottis

Cast: Monade Li & Ásdís Sif

Sound design: ML & J. C. Scottis

Cello: V. Soboljevski

Original text: Monade Li

Off-voice: F. Ducarn

A prologue of the shortfilm Percival’s Perceived Pebble (2018): https://vimeo.com/289659420 ©2019 limonadeart, Paris

With « Candice », « The Selkie » and now her new new art video « DEIRDRE », Monade Li questions the duplication of the human mind in how the disappearance of the body reappears in the landscape and she brings to light three women’s metamorphosis.